Orsola Poggi

Orsola Poggi

Orsola Poggi was born in Verona, Italy, on July 22 1975 into a family that has cultivated the sciences, music and painting over many generations.
Even as a small child, she showed a great gift for art, and was encouraged in this by the closeness of her maternal grandmother, Nella Sammartini Lopez Y Rojo, a Venetian artist famed for her creations of flowers using beads of Murano glass, as by uncle Earl Haig, a contemporary Scots painter.

All of Ms Poggi’s creations bear the hallmark of high technical quality conjoined with the research for suitable materials.
These are at one and the same time artistic works and works of craftswomanship, as they follow the requirements of the commission without forgetting the traditional element.

personalized gift
Eggs painted
Earrings created
Christmas glass baubles

Customer Review

Clarissa Wolman

Incredible work. Every day I woke up and even after 2 years haivng it, I'm still astonished of its beauty

Lora Spielberg

Orsola has a rare talent. She creates unique masterpieces. I can't stop buying more. Perfect for presents and house decoration.

Christopher Brown

Bought one for my girlfriend who turned out to became my wife. We asked Orsola 4 eggs over the past years. They are unique, personalized and their beauty never faides.

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